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Social & Communitive skills

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Daniel Wilson – 07928 599208

We are a new day service provider however we come with vast experience. We are a happy, person centered but challenging day service provider and we welcome all of our clients and their families to work alongside us to deliver the best possible service.
LANE aims to empower clients with the skills, confidence and proficiency to achieve their personal goals and aspirations whatever they may be.
I am happy to answer any questions you may have so please don’t hesitate to get in touch.

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Admissions procedure

Our experienced team will spend time finding our what the client enjoys so that we can integrate that into their experience and their day. Knowing what the client enjoys will allow us to meet their needs on a personal level, whilst developing the skills they wish to develop to aid them in their future. When the client has joined our services the parent/carer will be involved in their care and their journey through annual reviews and home diaries, where appropriate.

We offer a person centered program to our clients where we will deliver activities designed around their needs and likes in order to develop the appropriate skills they require to better themselves. We offer our clients the opportunity to develop their work skills and independence skills through a vast range of activities including cooking, work based skills including volunteering and much more. We also offer a social program where we incorporate all of these skills into community outings for example where we will test the skills developed in a real world environment for example using money and budgeting as well as communication skills and independent travel training.

Usually just a few hours we will be in contact to discuss possible needs

We ae at the West end of Wallsend High Street. 

We have 8,500 square feet of space dedicated to enhancement of SEN Students promoting their ability in every day life.

We have all the up to date training and certification needed by North Tyneside Council and even go beyond that.

We have the capability to have up to 65 students on our ability learning programme at any one point.

We incorporate safety and safeguarding into our clients weeks by doing things such as online safety awareness and working alongside the local police force in order to develop an understanding of keeping yourself safe in a public setting, at home and online.Safey is our number one priority.

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